Using Clinicia

Digital Consent

Clinicia allows User to take the consent digitally from the Patient through their Application. Doctor can make patient understand about the undergoing treatment & capture the consent for the particular treatment digitally. Doctors can make Patient sign the Consent Form digitally by signing on screen of Device after reading the content mentioned on Consent form. […]

Patient Profile

Patients: Patient Section is central feature of the whole application which allow users to record and access all the patient related information. Patient section stores the list of patients registered with Clinic along with detailed profile of each of the patients, their medical history, Visits to Clinic etc. Patient Profile How to add new patient? […]

Invoice & Billing

A.) How to generate Invoice & Bill?   Invoice: Invoice can be generated either for treatment done in single visit or combine treatments done in multiple visits. User can select the visits and generate the preview of Invoice. Same can be shared with Patient through email or Print. Invoice contains the details of treatment done […]

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