Account Setup

Account Preferences

Preferences option gives Users option to define their preferences for various miscellaneous activities or processes. Broadly it covers all the preference choices for communications related to doctors & patients. Path: Settings > Preferences  

Receptionist / Assistant

Primary Account User can create separate User ID for Assistant or Receptionist with limited access of features. This helps Doctors to delegate most of the Data entry related tasks to their Assistant while have complete control over what access receptionist / front office staff can have in their Login. Path: Settings > Receptionist > Add […]

Multiple Doctor Users

Primary account holder can add as many resident doctors and visiting doctors with no additional charges in one account. Separate User login gets created for each of the Resident doctors with limited access as defined by the primary doctor. Resident doctor can login into their Clinicia account by entering email / mobile no. which is […]

Clinic Setup

Clinicia allows Practitioner to manage their all the clinics from Single account only. Doctors can add the details of all the clinics. Clinic details broadly covers Clinic address, Clinic contact details, Timing, Services offered in Clinic along with many Clinic level preferences. If the clinic is already registered in Clinicia, Doctor can search the clinic […]

User Profile

Practitioner / Doctors can update their professional profile under Settings section. Information updated here are being used in various functionalities like Prescription, Billing & Visits etc. Path: Settings > My Profile  

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