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Over the years, significant changes have been made in the medical and healthcare industry. The overall improvement has enabled doctors to provide better care to their patients. Electronic Medical Records (EMR) is a brilliant instance of advancement in technology. It has replaced paper files with digital content. Access to medical records has become faster and efficient. Moreover, physical storage requirement of such records has reduced drastically and so did the chances of loss of data due to physical damage.

As a result of all the technology changes, market today offers various solutions to aid doctors in providing better care to patients. But a big question that remains is “What’s next on the horizon to create a smooth line of communication for consultation between doctors and patients?” Is there a solution that makes seamless patient diagnosis, treatment and doctor-patient communication? There are solutions aplenty but how does a doctor search for a right solution?

Well the right solutions can be found with the right information. Clinicia is one solution for doctors that can improve their medical practice. It is a comprehensive practice management solution. It is a secure, reliable, easy to use and is loaded with all the features that a doctor need to run a clinic.

Clinicia is a cloud based software which can be operated from anywhere, anytime through a mobile or a computer device. It stores all the information digitally and offers a quick and easy access to patient medical information. It also offers features that improves communication between doctor and patient.

It lets you

  • Store patient treatment records and medical history
  • Manage patient details, schedule patient appointments, and communicate with patients
  • Manage multiple clinics and doctors
  • Prepare bills and track finances
  • Communicate with patients in regional languages
  • Give controlled access to assistants

Clinicia is a great solution for all doctors in this new age of technology. It takes cares of all the non-medical related tasks of a doctor and lets the doctor focus on treating his or her patients.

The road ahead in healthcare will be filled with various technology initiatives introduced by the government of India and adoption of new technologies by people. Clinicia will keep doctors stay up to date with the technology.

About Clinicia

Clinicia is a practice management software for Doctors that manages patient's medical & treatment records.

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