4 Ways to Build Online Presence for your Healthcare Practice

In today’s demanding world, providing excellent care to patients may not be sufficient for a doctor to continuously grow his/her practice. Instead, to grow their practice, doctors must take full advantage of the latest marketing practices, which will increase their brand awareness among their patients.

Here are 4 marketing practices that will help increase your brand awareness:

1. Create a healthcare practice brand that stands out

As a Doctor, if you want prospective patients to notice your practice, your practice needs to have an attractive brand. Building a good brand for your practice helps you define the core purpose of your practice and the services offered. A strong brand will make you stand out among your neighboring competitors.

There are many ways you can enhance the branding of your services, however, the two most important aspects among these are a business logo and a tagline.

A Business Logo

A logo represents the core vision of your practice. A well designed attractive logo is a crucial asset for any practice. Few things that you need to consider before finalizing the logo are:

  1. What are you trying to communicate about your practice?
  2. What should be the concept, and the shapes and colours that will create an instant connection with your patients?
  3. How and where you will be using this logo?
  4. How will the logo look when printed on marketing materials and when put on online media?

To make a best logo that correctly represents your band and the core vision, it is recommended that you hire a professional graphic designer who is experienced in creating such logos.

A Tagline

A tagline defines your service standards. It also tells your patients what to expect from you in terms of services offered. A tagline should be crisp, catchy and memorable. You can also use humor in your tagline to make it more catchy.

Tagline represents the vision and mission of your offerings. It is therefore important to choose it carefully. You may take help from an expert copywriter to come up with a suitable tagline.

2. Build strong online presence of your practice

When searching for doctors, most patients still prefer to completely rely on the word-of-mouth referrals. But this behavior is changing now. Many patients now tend to research online before making informed decisions. It is, therefore, really important for doctors to have their detailed profiles as well as details of their practice in all leading online directories.

An strong online presence will increase the likelihood that people will find your practice online and thereby obtain relevant information. There are many free listing platforms available in the market today. Utilize these platforms to publish details about you and your practice. Providing information such as your practice details, clinic address, clinic timing, contact details along with attractive pictures of your clinic will attract more patients to your profile.

3. Have a social media presence and engage in content sharing

It is useful to create a profile for your healthcare practice on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. This will further enhance your online presence. You can stay active in social media by regularly sharing useful information and the content relevant to your patients. Younger and tech savvy generation spends a lot of time on social platforms. Your active presence there will increase your visibility among your current patients and possibly lead to prospect patients.

You presence online will also create an impression that you are a tech savvy and an adopter of latest technologies and practices.

4. Create a website that is SEO friendly and mobile compatible

It is essential to have a fully optimized, mobile responsive website which can be found in search engines like Google and Bing.

A good website should have these important considerations:

  • A modern design layout
  • Fully responsive and compatible in all devices, especially in mobile devices
  • SEO Optimized
  • Well written content with important keywords included
  • Patient testimonials
  • High quality pictures of your clinics and staff

Clinicia is a practice management software that also offers many avenues to increase online presence for doctors and create a brand for them among their patients.

For any questions on how to improve your online presence and to know more about services offered by Clinicia please contact 8097 700 800 or contact@clinicia.com

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Clinicia is a practice management software for Doctors that manages patient's medical & treatment records.

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